Three New LED Lights by Humanscale Are Smart, Bright, Efficient

Three new task lights made by the company Humanscale debuted at the NeoCon trade show this week in Chicago, each of them highly-efficient, LED-powered machines made from supersustainable recycled aluminum. Element 790 (above), for example, uses just seven watts of power while outputting the equivalent of 90 watts of incandenscent light. Although one LED bulb in the Element 790 will get you 60,000 hours of light, if that’s not enough, Humanscale’s LEDs can be easily replaced, unlike other LED lights on the market.


The Element Vision, designed by Humanscale’s design director Mark McKenna, actually knows when you’re not around–a passive infrared sensor automatically turns of when it no longer senses human body heat in the immediate area.

A third light that debuted this week, the Horizon LED, features what Humanscale calls Thin Wave LED Technology. This hides high-intensity LEDs behind a polycarbonate film to create a smooth plane of light with none of the harsh, bluish tint normally associated with LEDs. The lamp was designed by Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy, who have both served as directors of the graduate industrial design at design school powerhouse Cranbrook Academy of Art.