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Leaked iPhone 4 Enables First Hands-On Review


Apple's iPhone 4 has now been manhandled and fondled and talked about endlessly ... but in the days before its launch we've still not seen one in action in the wild... until today.

Somehow, one of the readers of Czech Web site got hold of an iPhone 4, which appears to be the real deal, running full iOS4 firmware, rather than a pre-release prototype. They put the device through its paces in ways that non-Apple folk haven't yet been able to, and thus put together what amounts to the first hands-on review of the hardware.

We've digested it down for you:

  • Its thinner size makes it better for pockets than earlier iPhone designs.
  • The front and back seem pretty resilient to scratches, though the stainless steel edge seems like it'd be vulnerable.
  • The phone seemed extremely fast and responsive.
  • GPS lock seems faster, "almost immediately" acquiring positions. Is this the new antenna at work?
  • Video and photo samples suggest the rear 5-megapixel camera is extremely effective—reinforcing rumors that it may represent something significantly "more sophisticated" than other phones.
  • After an hour of heavy use, including game playing and Web surfing, the battery charge dipped just 10%, confirming Apple's promise of significantly improved battery life.

The photo and video samples obtained by Jablickar can be seen by scooting over to their Web site. But from all this it really does seem as if Apple has absolutely nailed the design of this device. The only downside so far is an accusation that the design of the iPhone 4, which has the rear and front glass exposed above the stainless steel rim of the phone, actually may make it easier to shatter. Until many folks have gotten their hands on one, and given them real man-in-the-street accidental damage tests, though, this can't really be confirmed.

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