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iFive: iPhone Campers, BP Apology, AT&T Hacker, Chinese Walkout, Flick'r an' Getty

Good morning! What's been happening while you’re sound asleep you’re your comfy mattress—or perhaps your Aerobed outside the Mac store? Here's five things you might've missed.
1. Weev only just begun. The mastermind behind the AT&T/iPad security hack, Andrew "Escher" Auernheimer has been sprung from an Arkansas jail yesterday after posting $3,160 bond. His hearing for drug felony charges—an FBI raid on his home found LSD, ecstasy, coke and other chemical goodies is slated for July 16th, which gives him plenty of time to return to growing his prophet beard and posting anti-semitic screeds.

2. The whole concept of "Chinese labor movement" seemed like an oxymoron until very, very recently. Workers at the Honda Lock auto factory in China staged a walkout last week, and the strike—triggered by worker outrage over manhandling from guards—  continues. Add the Foxconn suicides and a wealth of mobile messages and video, there’s no stuffing this genie back in the bottle for Chinese officials.
3. Yahoo’s expanding content grab continues. Last month they bought Associated Content, publisher that cranks out freelancer-churned articles of dubious quality.  Now Yahoo is adding more image-licensing to their content arsenal via their partnership with stock photo giant, Getty; Flickr users can click a Request to License button and Getty becomes sales middleman for photo licensing.
4. File under "You Idiot!" Texas Rep. Joe Barton apologized to BP and called their $20b concession to victims of the Gulf Spill, "a shakedown." White House officials, naturally, rejoiced. And Barton’s fellow Republicans weren’t thrilled.  So Barton has apologized for apologizing. Ooop. Damage kinda done there, pal.

5. They’re heeeere. The first iPhone 4 camper has pitched a tent in anticiapation of the June 24 release. In other Mac news, the new Mobile Me has arrived with a bunch of new features including a "Find my Mobile" app that Apple ought to use themselves. Lastly, Forrester research predicts the iPad to.... wait for it… fail. FC writer Kit Eaton wants some of what they’re smoking at Forrester.