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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: CNN's World Cup Twitter Site

A new interactive feature lets you follow trending topics on Twitter in real time.

Infographic of the Day: CNN's World Cup Twitter Site

Vuvuzelas, goals, red cards: How to keep up with it all? A new interactive feature from CNN lets you watch not just the World Cup action but the reaction, which can occasionally be even more entertaining.

Here you can follow the tournament's trending topics in real time, culled from hundreds of thousands of tweets a day. Topics generating the most tweets are represented by images (flags for teams; photos for individual players; etc.). The more chatter, the larger the image. So this morning, the American flag figured most prominently on the site — obviously because the U.S. was getting creamed by Slovenia.

From there, you can filter by team (above), topic, or player (below). Ah, Landycakes, getting all the love.

Below, we filtered by topic. At the time, some people were blathering on about vuvuzelas, others about losing (as shown by the image of the player cupping his hands in horror).

Then minutes later, Slovenia scored a goal, and holy crap! That's all anyone could talk about.

You can also roll your mouse over the an image to find out how many tweets the topic's producing per minute. And if you click on the image, you can see the topic's five most recent tweets, then retweet them or share your own pearls of wisdom. Another cool feature: A time line that lets you track tweets of the tournament over the past 24 hours. Here we clicked on June 17, between 4:30 and 5 p.m. EST. Hey, you think Mexico was whooping on France? Damn straight.

According to CNN, the graphic was done completely by their in-house designers and programmers. Well done.