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Verizon iPhone 4 Pegged to Chinese Manufacturer Pegatron

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With more news about dramatic failings from AT&T hitting the headlines, this time tied to the launch of Apple's shiny new premier iPhone 4 product before its launch, it's timely that rumors of a Verizon iPhone 4 have surfaced again.

Buried in a Digitimes report on Chinese manufacturer Pegtron's gain of Acer notebook manufacturing, is a simple throwaway line: "Pegatron will also start shipping a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 in the fourth quarter. Moreover, Pegatron is "currently using its plants in Shanghai, China to produce the product."

Digitimes is confident in its sources, and this is not the first time that we've heard Pegatron pegged to production of a CDMA version of Apple's smartphone. This phone can only really be intended for Verizon in the U.S., as few other networks in the world use this 3G cell phone tech. If it's true, this is huge news. Millions of customers are dissatisfied with the exclusive agreement Apple has with AT&T, mainly due to perceived network failings by AT&T, and Apple is almost certain to be considering modifying its deal with the company after the many technical hitches relating to user data privacy. That the company may also be considering a new manufacturing partner, in the wake of the Foxconn suicide fiasco is also not a surprise.

But even given all this, is this latest rumor true? The fact that Digitimes' source alleges production is already beginning is interesting, as there will have to be several test iterations of the systems before a CDMA version of the phone goes into mass production. The only way we'll know before official word leaks out is if another Apple engineer, or a Pegatron employee, lets one slip unofficially out of their pocket.

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