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Twitter's First Trending Topic Ad Appears, for Toy Story 3

Twitter trending topicsTwitter's new ad platform has been a little slow to roll out. Promoted Tweets are already in the system, but those popular trending topics have only today been penetrated by ads. Of course, we've been debating this for a few days now, so let's see how they look.

On Twitter's homepage, the right-hand column that houses the trending topics now includes an eleventh in the list: Toy Story 3, branded with a prominent yellow button. Clicking the link brings up a search for "Toy Story 3," and the top result is always a Promoted Tweet from Disney/Pixar.

There's not much more to it. TechCrunch notes that the ad is not location-specific, though that could (and probably will) be implemented in the future. It's a nice idea that the purchased trending topic falls at the bottom of the list, below the organic trends, and that big honking yellow button makes sure nobody is confused about the nature of that topic.

Of course, we're left to wonder why Disney/Pixar chose Toy Story 3 to be first. It's freaking Toy Story 3—it was going to be a trending topic anyway, right?

Dan Nosowitz, the author of this post, can be followed on Twitter, corresponded with via email, and stalked in San Francisco (no link for that one—you'll have to do the legwork yourself).