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I am intimately aware of how hard it is to start a company.  At the begining, it's not only a shaky confidence but also a lack of resources that affects your every day.  That's why I was excited to learn of Katie Steines of Results Media ( and felt I absolutely had to share.

Katie, does pay-for-placement public relations.  Her sole focus is broadcast television.  She used to be a television reporter, a producer and an anchor.  She knows of what she speaks.  She's had her business now for eight years and is located in Minnesota. 

In essence, she only charges a client if she can successfully book a client on a television show.  She has access everywhere, from the big national shows you can think of all the way down to local news stations.  Her pricing for a successful placement is dependent on what level you want to reach or put another way, the market size on which you are focused.  The segments are usually in studio and go anywhere from 2 minutes to 8 minutes.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: "Sure, she's pay-for-success, but she must charge an arm and a leg!"  Well, you would be wrong.  The great thing about her is she understands that the big hot companies out there, were once small companies. As she said, "Is there any other way?"  Her rates are really quite reasonable. 

So where's the catch?  You have to make it past her.  Because she is only paid for successful placement, she has to believe she can place you.  She has to believe you are a good story. 

And that, my friends, is what it comes down to.  Not every entrepreneur has the funds to keep a public relations firm on retainer, but every entrepreneur has a story.


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