TEDxOilSpill Event to Bring Together Renewable Energy, Ocean Experts

Gulf oil spill slicks

TED recently launched TEDx, a program for independently organized events that has usually centered on individual locales–TEDxVienna, TEDxTehran, and TEDxCalgary, for example. But on June 28th, TEDx is tackling the BP Gulf Spill: TEDxOilSpill, in Washington, DC, will feature renewable energy and ocean experts, including oceanographer Sylvia Earle, adventurer Philippe Cousteau, and SunEdison founder Jigar Shah.

TEDxOilSpill comes with a bonus: Reports from five photographers and videographers who are currently spending a week traveling around the Gulf to document oil and water on the beach, BP officials interfering with the media, and people affected by the disaster. The team believes that it can cover what the mainstream media cannot because it is “outside the scope of the major media networks who have to balance out
immediate access with ongoing relationships with local officials.” For the event, the team plans to put together documentary videos, slideshows, and perhaps a print-on-demand book.

The expedition only began on June 13, and already the TEDxOilSpill team has posted some impressive pictures. We’re looking forward to taking a look at the rest of the multimedia bounty later this month.

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