Asian Anti-Piracy Campaign Kills Music Stars With Illegal Downloads

respect magazine

Judicious use of lookalikes and a clever Facebook app make Grey Group’s online anti-piracy campaign pretty damn smart. Conceived in the agency’s Hong Kong office, in conjunction with Chinese music magazine re:spect, the Let the Music Live On Campaign takes the original music piracy slogan–Home Taping is Killing Music–literally, by assassinating the artists.

The app promises you free downloads of a variety of artists, from Madonna, White Stripes, and Amy Winehouse, to Blur, Gorillaz, and Kraftwerk. Click on them, and your cursor turns into a gunsight. Click again, and bang goes the pop diva, via a selection of gory methods.

Although the lookalikes aren’t, say, up to the caliber of those of artist Alison Jackson, who cares? Meg and Jack are peppered with grenades, the four Blur boys are picked off by a sniper, and Kraftwerk are reduced to nothing more than a pile of hardware rubble.

Having gone postal on the popstrels, a message pops up on on the screen that says, “You are downloading music illegally, killing both the artist and the music industry.” As a result of the campaign, 40,000 people have joined up to the Facebook page, pledging not to download music illegally.AD