Infographic of the Day: How Good Is Your Local Hospital?

This infographic by GE and Pentagram looks at hundreds of hospitals across the country, on 27 different performance metrics.

Infographic of the Day: How Good Is Your Local Hospital?
Hospital Performance infographic

Usually, you trust that your local hospital is a competent, well-run place where you can go to get skilled treatment. But this infographic, produced by GE and Lisa Strausfeld at Pentagram, punctures that myth with cold, hard data.


The data is taken from the Joint Commission, a non-profit that monitors the performance of 1,700 accredited hospitals. Their 2009 Annual Report on Quality and Safety tracked hospitals over a seven-year period, from 2002-2008, along 27 metrics (seen in the screen cap above). GE and Pentagram then turned those findings into this interactive infographic, Measuring Hospital Quality.

Selecting a particular state brings up a sprawling list of all the hospitals there, and color-coded graphs representing their performance on each metric. Red indicates below average performance; green shows above average stats:

Measuring Hospital Quality infographic

You can then click on any hospital to get a detailed view. For example, if you’re anywhere near downtown Atlanta, you might want to stay away from Grady Memorial Hospital:

Check out the whole thing here–and check out how your local hospital performs.

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