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Apple's App Store Gets Its Own Apple Store App--Seriously


Apple's App Store is right now carrying the Apple Store app. If that statement doesn't twist reality up in a Doctor Who style for you, then read on to find out about its iPhone-buying powers (from an iPhone!) and Genius session booking.

According to Apple the new app can let you:

  • See new and featured products from Apple.
  • Shop the full selection of products available from the Apple Online Store
  • Find the latest accessories and software
  • Read customer reviews and get answers to product questions.
  • Buy or reserve a new iPhone with just a few taps.
  • Locate any Apple Retail Store in the world, instantly.
  • Make Personal Shopping, Genius Bar and One to One appointments.
  • Sign up for workshops and events.

That's a pretty impressive roll call, and it shows that the free app is more sophisticated than an iPhone Web-friendly front-end to the well known online store. In typical Apple fashion the design of the thing is also pretty slick and it'll also work natively on the iPad. Of particular interest among its powers, of course, is the "Buy or reserve a new iPhone" function, which will enable existing iPhone users to use their outdated old Apple tech to buy the new freshness due to hit the stores soon ... a sort of oddly existential function, you might think. That news that the new iPhone 4 will cost the equivalent of "just a few" faucets will amuse British users, though. Or maybe it won't, as the new app appears to be U.S. only for now.

You can access it via Apple's iTunes App Store function by clicking here, which will complete the App-Store-web-apple-store-app circle rather nicely if you're reading this on an iPhone or iPad.

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