Microsoft Unveils Skinny, Cheaper Xbox, Announces Kinect Release Date



At a press event today, Microsoft unveiled a slimmer,
cheaper Xbox 360 that will be released later this week for $299. Besides a sleeker design, the new console will include built-in WiFi– the current box requires a peripheral WiFi antenna– and
250GB harddrive. Microsoft also surprised the audience with the announcement they’d be sending everyone in attendance– some 1,000 members of the media–  a new

Microsoft revealed their motion-control device, Kinect, will be released November 4, but no price was announced. An array of Kinect games was demonstrated, all earlier revealed and
displayed at yesterday’s Kinect event. Few new games overall were displayed. A new Forza driving game that uses Kinect
and a new game from Crytek codenamed Kingdoms were demo’ed. The new geture interface and voice control were also shown. Microsoft also announced that ESPN HD is coming to Xbox Live with over 3500
events, live polls and trivia, and stats while users watch events.

Stay tuned for the Nintendo and Sony conferences tomorrow,
and E3 coverage all week.

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