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Over the years, I’ve learned that business is not just about reaching one type of customer through a single channel, but rather, digging deeper and uncovering multiple opportunities to attract various types of consumers. Successful companies spend a great deal of time identifying strategies that will target a wide range of folks and they do this by thinking outside of the box. Marketing departments that fail to take on this challenge are missing out on potential revenue and placing the business at a disadvantage. Considering the high level of competition in the workforce today, executives need to uncover new ways to reach both current and new customers. 

My company, TV Ears, is extremely fortunate because we’ve got a great team in place that ensures our business is constantly moving in a forward direction and looking to discover new opportunities to expand our reach. Here are three areas we’ve focused on in our efforts to secure new clients that I believe other organizations can leverage as well.

1) No more age discrimination – Almost every individual will have a need for our products at some point in their life. The goal is to start planting the seed early. For example, children often times go to the movies with their parents. With the astronomically high volume levels in the theaters, it’s difficult to hear what’s actually being said. TV Ears is the perfect solution for adults that want to enjoy the movie experience and if kids watch their parents wearing headsets, they may think it’s the cool thing to do. It’s never too early to start reaching out to kids. While our products are primarily for older generations, it’s helped individuals of all ages and created a more enjoyable TV or movie viewing experience for everyone.

2) Consider all the possible venues - I was recently informed that a Grand Island City, Nebraska Councilman used our TV Ears headset to hear better during a two hour debate and subsequent council meeting. After the event concluded, he had folks from around the room inquiring about the tech gadget. . Moreover, while our headsets are mainly used in the home, they are also equipped to work in many movie theaters, opera houses and concert halls. These examples underscore a major oversight that many companies perform – considering all the potential scenarios where their product may be of value to customers.

3) Think social – While companies might be able to reach their target audience through advertisements in prominent publications, we’ve found that one of the most successful ways to connect with customers and keep them updated on information relevant to TV Ears and the hearing industry is to engage with them on social networks. According to AARP, more than 27 percent of Americans age 50 and older use social media websites, so it’s imperative that companies partake in conversations with their customers on these platforms. 

Now more than ever, companies need to get creative and think outside the box. Schedule regular meetings with the sales and marketing departments to ensure strategies are in place that will attract new customers and all the bases are covered.

About the author: George J. Dennis is the founder and CEO of TV Ears, fast-growing manufacturer of doctor recommended TV listening solutions. He can be reached at