Who matters in Apple nation.

Stars – Big-name Apple loyalists

Ellen DeGeneres, Will Ferrell, Tony Hawk, Vanessa Hudgens, Angelina Jolie, Yo-Yo Ma, Madonna, Bill Maher, Errol Morris, Edward Norton, Gwyneth Paltrow, DJ QBert, Chris Rock, Kelly Slater, Emma Stone


Cultists – Obsessive devotees who love Apple just a bit too much

Veronika Carrera
Has catalogued and sourced Jobs’s presentation outfit

Justine Ezarik
Video blogger,
Tattooed the Apple logo onto her shoulder in 2007

Johnny Makkar
Documents every email he can find sent by Jobs

Mel Sampat
Launched dating site for Apple fans

Aesthetes – Artistic visionaries influenced by Apple

David Hockney
Two of his primary drawing tools? The iPad and iPhone

Jim Lee
DC Comics copublisher
Comic-book artist experiments on the iPad


Fakes – Fictional Apple fans

Loves Apple gizmos, swapped iPod for his fictional son

Phil Dunphy
of the ABC sitcom Modern Family
Craved an iPad for his birthday

Forrest Gump
Invested early in Apple, made a fortune

Cubs – Thinking different from an early age

Todd Lappin’s daughter
Age 2.5
Blogger gives toddler iPad. She masters it in minutes. Almost 1 million YouTube views

Lim Ding Wen
10-year-old developer
His Doodle Kids drawing app has won over thousands of fans.

Hangers-on – Apple alums who won’t let go

Guy Kawasaki
The original Apple evangelist never lets you forget it.


Steve Wozniak
Still best known as the “other Steve” — even after Dancing With the Stars

Jilted Lovers – One-time friends, but no more

Steve Ballmer
CEO, Microsoft
Got his feelings hurt by the relentless “Mac vs. PC” ads

Eric Schmidt
CEO, Google
Booted from the board as Android encroached ever closer to the iPhone

Adoptees – Apple’s new crop of leaders by acquisition

Andy Miller
CEO, Quattro Wireless
Leading Apple’s iAd mobile-advertising push

Bill Nguyen
CEO, Lala
Helped build seven startups, now reportedly building Web-based iTunes


Heretics – Stirring up trouble for Apple’s image machine

Jason Chen
Editor, Gizmodo
Stole iPhone 4 thunder with lost prototype

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo
CEO, Nokia
Bickers with Apple in court. Five recent lawsuits

Shantanu Narayen
CEO, Adobe
Cries that Apple hurts users by blocking Flash

Wannabes – Imitating if not replicating the Apple way-

Reed Hastings
CEO, Netflix
“Every entrepreneur is a Steve Jobs wannabe. I was as guilty of that as anybody.”

Robert Iger
CEO, Disney
Applying Apple’s retail formula to reinvigorate Disney Stores

Alan Mulally
CEO, Ford
Wants to Apple-ize cars to juice his brand


Clingers – Apple partnerships worth their weight in cool

Mark Parker
CEO, Nike
Nike-Plus deal put pep in his running stride.

Howard Schultz
CEO, Starbucks
Betting iTunes will keep ‘Bucks cooler than Mickey D’s

Randall Stephenson
Saved Ma Bell from third-tier status — thanks iPhone!

Schadenfreuders – Would rejoice in seeing Apple fail

Jeff Bezos
CEO, Amazon
The iPad and iBookstore compromise Kindle’s e-reader dominance.

Dan Hesse
CEO, Sprint
Hopes his 4G network draws speed freaks away from iPhone

Satoru Iwata
CEO, Nintendo
Threatened by gaming prowess of iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad


Scribes – Writing the first draft of Apple history

John Gruber
Daring Fireball
The Web’s most influential Apple pundit

Walter Isaacson
Picked by Jobs to pen an authorized biography

Daniel Lyons
aka “Fake Steve Jobs”
The court jester of Apple-achia

Suitors – Desperately seeking Steve

Dirk Meyer
Wooing Apple to use its high-end chips to rebuild its brand

Ivan Seidenberg
CEO, Verizon
Casting sweet glances Apple’s way since iPhone 1.0