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iFive: Oil Spill Underestimated, Tunerfish TV App Launches, Teenage Sailor Found, Mandela Mourns, Banksy Caught on CCTV

While you were sleeping, innovation was hanging outside a pub, spray can in hand, tagging "Up All Night And Still Going Strong" on the wall.

1. As the situation in the Gulf of Mexico continues, revised estimates of the true size of the oil spill are coming in, and it doesn't make for pretty reading. At least two Olympic-sized swimming pools per day, according to one team. The Swedish chairman of BP—seen here redesigned for Greenpeace—has been summoned to the White House to be chewed out by the administration, although in some good news for the firm, its share price is looking stronger. The British PM, who yesterday visited scary Afghanistan, is being conciliatory towards the U.S., while some commentators are decrying Obama's butt-kicking attitude.

2. Teenager Abby Sunderland has been found safe and well, 24 hours after she sent out a distress signal from her boat, Wild Eyes. A spotter plane pinpointed her position, and she should be picked up within the next 24 hours. The 16-year-old sailor had prepared for all eventualities, even painting a red heart on the bottom of her boat should she capsize.

3. Former South African President, Nelson Mandela, and the world's most incredible living person, is to miss the World Cup after the tragic death of his great-granddaughter in a car accident. If you want a feel of the atmosphere, the Guardian is liveblogging the build-up. Diego Maradona, Argentine idiot-savant footballing idol is about to kick off his presser. Should be entertaining, after he made his team line up in goal and have footballs fired at their asses.

4. Earlier this week, we wrote about the social TV app business. Possibly the best connected is Comcast's Tunerfish, and it has just gone live. So, if you're following the footie on your cell, and you want someone to talk to, try it out.

5. When it comes to top-notch graffiti, people usually say, is it a Banksy. Today we ask, is this man—yes, the one dressed in a cagoule—Banksy? He was caught by CCTV as he sprayed the wall of a pub in London's Primrose Hill.