Delicious Eye Candy: Kengo Kuma’s Ghostly Land Art


From the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma comes CCCWall, a gorgeous land-art installation at the University of Milan. Pretty as the pictures are, you’ve got to see the video of the thing in action to appreciate how beautiful it is:

during Milan Design Week in April, the installation is a screen of
sheer organza curtains strung over a secluded quadrangle like a clothes
line, with ceramic tiles and stones seeded below. It was inspired by
Kuma’s own architectural work
for the ceramic company Casalgrande Padana outside Bologna.

The tiles and stones create a yin-yang effect in the quad.

night, the installation springs to life. Video footage projected onto
the fabric darts about the courtyard, slipping over the ceramic garden
in an eerie ghost dance and illuminating the surrounding loggia.

At times, it even replicates the patterns of Kuma’s Casalgrande project like some sort of phantasmal twin.

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