iFive: BP Under the Cosh, Spotify Goes for TVs, Customize Google, World Cup Countdown, and Gates Foundation Goes to Haiti

While you were sleeping, Tony Hayward was nibbling his nails. And innovation? Well, innovation uses nail clippers–and never sleeps.

1. BP’s shares tanked as the London stock exchange opened, later recovering somewhat. But the U.S. is demanding the energy firm compensate its workers who have been laid off on the offshore drilling moratorium. That won’t solve the country’s energy problems, this just might: Bill Gates, Jeffrey R. Immelt, and John Doerr are joining other business leaders and forming the American Energy Innovation Council, urging states to increase spending on energy research.

2. Google has taken a leaf out of Bing’s book with a newly customizable homepage. But that’s not going to help the company dodge accusations of criminal intent for its data harvesting from unlocked Wi-Fi networks, says London-based human rights group Privacy International.

3. Spotify has launched a service in Sweden and Finland that allows subscribers to its Premium service to listen to playlists on their TV screens via a deal with TeliaSonera.

4. Tomorrow sees the launch of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, with yet another forgettable anthem–this time sung by Shakira. The Guardian has a nifty little cut-out-and-keep guide to the tournament’s carbon footprint, which is just over 3 million tons. First opponents for the USA are England and, with the continuing BP fiasco, this could be the biggest grudge-fest since France 98’s USA-Iran match.

5. The Haiti earthquake earlier this year rendered banks inoperable for almost two weeks. The solution? Mobile banking. Already a hit in parts of Africa and Asia, The Gates foundation has long been advocating it as a method of getting cash to people in far-flung places, and it has just announced the creation of a $10 million fund, alongside USAID, to help the islanders get control of their money.