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I recently sold the company I founded, Consorte Media, Inc. (buy me a beer if you want to hear more) which has left me with some time on my hands.

So I've been meeting with lots of great folks and thinking through my next steps and of course, company ideas.

I thought I'd share here a few interesting companies I've come across and conversations I've had recently.

A few weeks ago, I met with one of my former investors at Christie's in Burlingame and got to talking with the waitress.  She raved about how her kids loved a new service she signed them up for, LittlePassports.  When I found out it was an adventure kit with both offline and online components to introduce kids to world travel I was excited.  As my nephew's birthday is coming in July I decided I would get him the service. 

On my way home from my meeting I called his mom, and let her in on the surprise.  She started laughing.  It turns out that one of the founders of LittlePassports is the mother of one of my nephew's pre-school classmates.

I told her that I loved that trend (combining the online and offline worlds in a complementary manner -more on that in another blog) and would love to meet the founder.  Before I knew it she had email introduced us and I learned more.  

The founders are former business GMs at eBay and have really thought through their vision.  They have been around for just under a year and are already getting great traction.

So I bought the 3 month package for my nephew.  He recently received a piece of luggage in the mail, a letter from fellow travelers and a game from his first country.  With the help of mom, he called me right up.

"Tia 'Licia, I don't have a trip planned but I'm going to Santa Cruz this weekend with Pappa."

At the age of 3 and 3/4s, he's still a bit young but my sister sat down with him and walked him through it.  His favorite part right now is the little suitcase he recieved in the mail.

Of course, as the founder and former CEO of a global advertising company I see the world beyond our borders.  Our children will live in a global community and LittlePassports helps get them ready.  Most importantly though, this Tia, with the help of LittlePassports, scored a hit with her nephew.



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