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Coffee Table With Built-in Paper Shredder

Meet Papervore, the world's hungriest coffee table.

Coffee Table With Built-in Paper Shredder


So you have piles of bills you're terrified to open. What's the responsible thing to do? Shred them in your coffee table, of course!

Papervore by Brooklyn's Pigeontail Design is a coffee table and a paper shredder in one. It'll eat pretty much anything you give it: magazines, tax forms, loan statements, whatever. Just stuff your mail into the table top, then turn the manual crank, and voila! Your utility bill's reinvented as confetti. (Also useful for students who've exhausted the "dog-ate-my-homework" line.)

Here's a video demonstration. Papervore's especially hungry for junk mail. Look, it ate Dwell magazine!

We love everything about the table, except for this: The dump bin is clear, so it puts your scraps on stark display. Do you really want a coffee table that ends up looking like a hamster cage—much less one that reminds you accidentally tossed your gas bill? Here's to hoping it comes in black.