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iFive: UN and Iran, Women Rock Primaries, Rockers Need Sleep, Le Goog Est Vendu--EVO Aussi, China Workers Revolting

While you were sleeping—and Meg and Carly were toasting their respective victories with something fizzy and intoxicating—the rest of the world was busy at work. Here's what's been going on overnight.

1. It's sanction time at the United Nations, as the member states vote on whether to give the heave-ho to 41 enterprises they suspect of aiding and abetting Iran's nuclear weapon program. "Most significant," says La Clinton about the sanctions, which had to be watered down for China and Russia's approval. Meanwhile, there's an odd mystery that concerns an Iranian nuclear scientist, who disappeared from his homeland last year, and two videos. Defected, says "Mr Amiri" in one video, claiming he was working on his PhD in the U.S., and was free and happy. Abducted by Saudi secret service and the CIA, says "Mr Amiri" in the second, which was broadcast on Iranian state TV.

2. Two former bosses of tech firms have won the Republican nominations in the Senate and Gubernatorial elections in California—see how the current Gubernator messed up his own vote here. Meg Whitman, ex-eBay, and Carly Fiorina, ex-HP. Ms Whitman, reports the BBC, spent $70 million of her own money on her campaign. The NYT calls this "a small share of her fortune." Congratulating Fiorina, Whitman warned career politicians. "Two women from the real world who know how to balance budgets, create jobs and get things done." Er, ladies, meet the civil service. You might get a shock.

3. France's equivalent to Google—although sadly not called Le Goog—has been sold for over $160 million. Its name is Exalead, a partner in the 200-million Euro French search engine project called Quaero, and its new owner is French software firm Dassault. The irony of Quaero? Its name is Latin for "I seek", but, as yet, it can't be found—well, not in search-engine form, anyway. Anyone wanting to seek out the new HTC EVO 4G smartphone might have to translate the phrase "Fromage dur." It's sold out all over the States. That's 200,000 units gone in just over a weekend. Its carrier, Sprint, which said it had broken sales records, before clarifying that statement, must be rushing HTC for more units. Not long to go before iPhone 4, now.

4. Stoic yes, but gruntled is not a word you might associate with China's workforce. Atrocious conditions, crap wages, and management techniques that probably come from reading Lord of the Flies sevenfold have led to the odd peaceful strike in China's industrial heartland of Guandong. Not any more. Honda is struggling to control unrest at a second factory, and 50 protesters were injured at a Taiwanese factory close to Shanghai yesterday.

5. Finally, proof that even rockers need their beauty sleep—Yeah, Ronnie Wood, I mean you. Scientists have done some research on how lack of pillow time can affect a musician's ability at fret-banging. The one drawback to their findings? They carried out the study using Guitar Hero III and a bunch of students. Did no one tell them that rock stars have a different genetic make-up to us all, enabling them to survive the consumption of swimming pool-sized amounts of drugs? Just ask the London Times' new medical columnist, Ozzy Osbourne.