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Recently, I wrote a Fast Company blog post titled Dell used to be a fast company .  Dell found it immediately and tried to reassure me.  I must have said something worthwhile as it has led to action on their part.

Dell has formed a Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) to try to learn from their customers.  I have been invited to participate as a member of this panel. The invitation extended offers the following information:

I know you were recently having issues with our leasing program and have some friends and family who have had some less than satisfactory experiences with Dell, too. Per my note on Twitter, we are forming a group called CAP (Customer Advisory Panel) and are hosting an event here in Austin at our headquarters on June 15th called CAP Days. We’d like to bring you in to hear more about your experience with Dell to-date, hear your personal thoughts on the brand, get your feedback on some of our new products and hear about some changes we have planned for the company moving forward.

In the interests of full disclosure, Dell is paying for my travel and accommodation to travel to Austin next week. While I’m not looking forward to the heat of Texas, I am looking forward to contributing and hearing what they have to say.

As many of my followers here know, one of my primary interests is helping companies improve business execution. Dell surveyed me and others last evening in preparation for this event (good job!), and, while I’m sure they are more interested in impressing me with their technology, I want to know what they are doing to eliminate the business execution issues that frustrate their customers. 

It is my fervent belief that if you fail to create a wonderful experience for customers, the next time a customer has the opportunity of working with you, the customer’s entire experience determines whether or not they "come back for more."  [Note: A fantastic book on this subject is The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore.]

If there are things you want Dell to know about your experiences, positive or negative, I hope you will add your comments here. Dell will be watching and so will I.

I’ll provide additional blog posts about my experience with the Dell CAP.


Dave Gardner is a management consultant, speaker and blogger who resides in Silicon Valley. His firm helps clients eliminate business execution issues that threaten profitable and sustainable growth. He can be reached through his website at