Alex Bogusky’s Simple Message for Climate Change: Pollution Sucks

Alex Bogusky

Creative Jesus-figure Alex Bogusky, co-chairman of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and the man behind Denver’s B-cycle bike sharing program, has come up with a simple way to make the world understand the seriousness of climate change. Rather than blinding people with science, he reckons the climate change lobby needs to do one thing in order to get its message through to an audience: simplify its message.

Social network Design 21 is running a video challenge called Living Climate Change alongside IDEO that encourages people to make a video to show just what global warming will do to the world. Bogusky’s entry is entitled Stop–how much more simple could that be?–with this message: Pollution=Bad, Clean=Good.

The Boulder resident starts at a point that everyone understands, referencing the famous Crying Indian PSA from the 1970s. From there, he moves onto litter, an issue that everyone gets–because it’s the most obvious form of pollution. “Pick up the damn box,” says Bogusky.

Then he moves onto CO2. “Think of CO2 as a massive invisible litter problem,” he says. “If we set out on a mission to get rid of it, the very worst thing that can happen is that we tidy up the world a little bit.” What is clever about Bogusky’s two-minute video is that, at the end, he sticks one to the climate change naysayers. “Let’s stop debating whether global warming is real or not. Pollution sucks, and we’re all against that. Right?”

And if you like what you see here, check out the clip below of Bogusky speaking at our recent Innovation Uncensored conference.