Live Coverage: Steve Jobs Keynote from Apple’s WWDC10

[Click refresh for updates and log in for the fastest feed] News Update: Apple’s iPhone 4 Screen is Better Than Your Retinas 2:55 Applause That’s the end. Jobs thanks the iPhone 4 team, and wraps it up.


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News Update: Apple’s iPhone 4 Screen is Better Than Your Retinas

2:55 Applause

That’s the end. Jobs thanks the iPhone 4 team, and wraps it up.

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2:41 iPhone 4 Pricing and Ship Date


$199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB

That means the only 8GB iPhone left is a 3GS model.

Shipping to U.S., France, Germany, U.K. and Japan on June 24th (the rumor was correct).

Two colors, black and white.

In July, shipping to 18 more countries. 24 more in August, and 40 more in September. After that, it will go on sale for the NASA rover currently stations on Mars.

Accessories: Dock for $30. Case–described as a “bumper”–for $30.


iPhone OS4 upgrade plan: the 3GS, and iPod Touch will get the update, and the 3G too with some restrictions.

Upgrade is FREE, starting June 21.

Pre-orders begin a week from tomorrow (June 15).

2:31 One More Thing: Video Chat


Video chat. Name: FaceTime.


(Collective groan here at FC HQ on that name, but it could have been worse–consider: iFace.)

Demo glitch. Jobs: “This never freezes up, so you guys must not have turned off your WiFi.” Who us? And hey, doesn’t your AT&T 3G signal work reliably enough for a demo?

FaceTime: It will only work with WiFi!

Coming in 2010. “Apple will ship tens of millions of FaceTime devices this year, so there’s going to be a lot of people to talk to.”




2:22 iAds

Re-hashing what we already know. Jobs: “Emotion plus interactivity.”

If iAd is feature number 8, then where is video chat?

Nissan will use iAds to advertise the Leaf — you can reserve a Leaf with an iAd. App shows how far you can drive on a dollar. And Nissan is giving away a car, through the ad. That’s quite an advertisement, you’ve got to admit.

Look for that ad starting July 1.


Because of the huge installed base, Jobs says Apple is “hoping” to have 48% of the entire mobile display advertising marketing in the second half of 2010. “Some orders already on our books.”

2:21 Rumor: iPhone 4 Launch Date is June 24

This is not yet confirmed by Jobs, but that’s what we’re hearing. Let’s see if it pans out.

2:16 iBooks for iPhone

You can now share the book you’re reading across different devices for no extra charge (gee thanks, just like the paper version). Also, Amazon and B&N offer the same thing, why is everyone clapping?


Automatically synchronizes bookmarks and notes. Kindle does this as well, I believe. The Notes function is very much like Post-It notes. And you can highlight, copy and paste text.

Reading books on the phone screen is not exactly a pleasure, but that new retina display ought to help a lot.

2:08 iPhone OS 4 Demo

Threaded e-mail conversations, at last! Enterprise integration. (Apple is determined to make this phone work for business, despite all those entertainment apps–Farmville at work, anyone?)

Bing will be added as a search option. Google is still the default, but that’s a nice gimme for Microsoft.

“Golden master candidate” going out to developers today.


Data Point: 100 Million iPhone OS devices by the end of this month. That includes all platforms —
iPod Touch, iPad.

2:04 Jobs demands that everyone turn off WiFi for a new demo

Okay, so we’re all turning of WiFi …. NOT.

1:59 iMovie App for iPhone 4

You can edit video, add photos and music too on the new iMovie app. “Photos automatically get a Ken Burns effect on them,” says Jobs. He’s talking about those image pan transitions that are a hallmark of both the documentary filmmaker and iPhoto slideshows.


Location, location, location: You can now geotag the videos too.

Cost: $4.99 — Jobs adds: “If we approve it.” Haha, Steve made a joke about his strict app store policies.

1:54 iPhone 4 Camera Details

Jobs talks down megapixels (smart, since they don’t really effect picture quality–David Pogue is very pleased right now). 5MP camera with a “backside illuminated sensor” (like a firefly?). LED flash.

HD video recording! 720p at 30fps — going straight to the Flip cam market. But 720p smartphone video is not new, other phones have that same feature, and it’s most often terrible quality.

Video editing right from the phone, is that iMovie? Yes! iMovie app for the iPhone.


1:53 Random Jenga Demo

I guess everyone needed a breather? Oh, he’s showing off the gyro (not the sandwich, the sensor). And it fell down.

1:50 Accelerometer Update

The iPhone 4 will have a 3-axis gyroscope with accelerometer, for a total of 6 axes now. New “coreMotion” APIs. Great for gaming and Augmented Reality.

1:48 iPhone 4 – A4 Chip and Battery Life



That’s right, the iPhone 4 will use the A4 chipset.

Saves beaucoup battery life, “up to 40% more talk time,” says Jobs.

5-7 hours of 3g talk, 6 of 3g browsing, 10 of wifi browsing or video

1:39 Retina Display

New “retina display” tech is four times the pixel density of 3GS. That’s iPad app resolution (“78% of the pixels on an iPad, right in the palm of your hand,” says Jobs. (iPad: 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch.)

pixels per inch. Jobs says 300 ppi is the limit of the human retina —
can I get a fact check on that?


3.5-inch display, 960×640 (as Gruber and Daring Fireball predicted some months ago).

800:1 contrast ratio.

It’s an IPS screen. “In our opinion, quite a bit better than OLED for these kinds of
products,” says Jobs.

Steve asked everyone to get off WiFi because he can’t do anythning
in the demo. Good luck with that Steve-O–try Verizon. You’ll have to
pry the wireless from the cold dead fingers of this crowd.

Jobs demonstrates the display with some photos. The difference is obvious, the new display is much clearer.

He’s given up on the demo because of the WiFi problem!

iPhone OS 4 will automatically uprender apps to the new display.

[Toward the end of the event, Jobs dropped more details about the display. It’s “custom glass that’s comparable in strength to sapphire crystal,” but 40% lighter than plastic.]

1:30 iPhone 4

The new iPhone is “the biggest leap since the original iPhone,” says Jobs. 8 new features.

9.3mm – “Thinnest on the planet,” says Jobs.

Glass front and back. The glass is for “optical quality and scratch resistance.”

Front facing camera.

Micro-Sim slot.

LED flash with the camera.

Two microphones for sound canceling.

The stainless steel border is part of the antenna, it turns out.

1:27 Data Dump from Steve

5 billion app downloads.

Apple has paid over a billion dollars to developers. (Wishing Jobs had pulled out an oversized novelty check right then, but it didn’t happen.)

And now he’s bragging about how much more popular iPhone is than Android, using the Nielsen data that we wrote about last night.

1:23 Guitar Hero for iPhone

Activision is bringing everyone’s favorite music-faking game to the iPhone. Is there a peripheral involved? Nope, more like TapTap, and you do strum the screen.

1:19 Zynga time!

Mark Pincus on stage to introduce.. Farmville for iPhone. Get ready for a collective ‘argh’ as Farmville spreads from Facebook to the mobile masses–with push notifications, anytime anywhere (set your alarm for that 2am harvest). Your carrots are ready to be harvested, Zynga’s profits are too. The app wil be available by the end of June.

1:16 Netflix App

Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings takes the stage. Netflix for iPhone is coming this summer, for free. the Netflix iPad app is fantastic, you can stream movies right from the interface. Now it will be available for iPhone — but which ones? 3GS or only the 4?

1:13 HTML5

Nothing much new here folks.

1:10 iBooks Update

New features: Notes and Bookmarks.

Notes, like Post-Its, for your book pages. And support for Adobe .pdf files — wait a second, no Flash support, but they are going to translates .pdf? Makes sense if you want to rule the reading market. Here’s the kicker: the .pdf books will live on a separate shelf from the regular iBook Store bought titles. Two different tabs.

Jobs: “I earned more on sales of the elements for iPad in the first day than
from the past 5 years of Google ads on” – an early jab at Google, expect more to come before this keynote is over.

Here’s an iPad love montage, with international customers and their Pads. Apple is “making iPads as fast as we possibly can.” There have been 35 million iPad app downloads to date.

A note for everyone following here: We are not going to give you a live transcript of every data point and standing ovation for Jobs. Our goal here is to filter the highlights, add context, and point you in the right direction for more details.

And Steve Jobs is on stage.

10am: The show will be starting any minute now.

Will there be liveblogging with iPads? Yes, of course. As well as lots of neckbeards and t-shirts with jokes on the front.

Louis Armstrong playing as we wait for the start. Odd to see that the Apple Store is still up.

Gizmodo was not invited (for obvious reasons), but that isn’t stopping them from doing a liveblog that is twice as funny as anyone else’s so far: (Other live updates worth following: The New York Times, ArsTechnica, and the very meta 9to5Mac Livepanel.)

Early word is that the keynote might open with a short video of John Hodgman (aka the PC guy) getting someone drunk at a bar in order to steal his iPhone 4 prototype. Yuk-yuk.

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