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Among Rome’s Ancient Ruins, a Hotel Made Entirely of Trash

Corona Save the Beach Hotel

Italy has some big issues with trash collection–there is even a documentary film, Biùtiful cauntri, about the notorious illegal toxic waste dumping in the south around Naples. The garbage situation isn’t nearly as bad in Rome, but tourists and locals still have the opportunity to check out a pile of trash as big as a large home–albeit in the form of a temporary hotel.

The Corona Save the Beach Hotel, designed by German artist HA Schult, is open until June 7 near Rome’s Castel Sant’Angelo, which is located along the Tiber river. AFP explains that Schult’s three-bedroom, two-bathroom hotel features 12 tons of trash, all from European beaches. The hotel is, according to Schult, an attempt to raise awareness about our relationship with trash. And what better way to illustrate that relationship than to allow people to literally live inside garbage?

Strangely enough, the construction of the hotel was sponsored by Corona. The beer provider wants to emphasize its image as a responsible company, ironic indeed, as alcohol containers are major sources of litter on tourist-heavy beaches.

Corona Save the Beach Hotel

No word on how to get to the front of the line at the hotel, but it’s accepting some high profile guests–on June 4, model Helena Christensen (pictured above) spent the night. Check out a video of the hotel during construction below.

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