How DreamWorks Animation Creates New Technology and Markets It to the Masses

“There is this insatiable appetite to invent cool and interesting ways of storytelling,” says Ed Leonard, CTO of DreamWorks Animation. But the technology behind these new forms of storytelling is evolving more rapidly than the audiences, who have a plethora of choices at the box office–not to mention cable, the Internet, and mobile phones.

Two years ago, when DreamWorks Animation released its first 3-D movie, there was only one other 3D movie in release–so only one place to screen the trailer. It’s the job of Anne Globe, DreamWorks Animation’s head of worldwide marketing, to interpret these new technologies for moviegoers, and in this case convince them that what’s on screen today is not what your father saw in his 3-D glasses.

Globe and Leonard talked about the joy of innovating, and the challenges that follow, during a panel at Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference. To see more video highlights from Innovation Uncensored, visit this page.
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