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A Modern Take on Smoke Signals: "For Those Who Can See"

Smoke signals, that ancient form of status updates, have been forgotten by the modern world. But Daniel Schulze wants to bring them back—using high-tech circuits, signal processing, and fog machines.

"For Those Who Can See" is comprised of smoke machines and speakers, laid out on a 7x7 grid. Shulze programmed the speakers to pulse at specific intervals, and when they do, they send the smoke through openings in a bunch of concrete slabs.

That video is obviously just a mock up. For the full installation, Schulze—an industrial-design student at Berlin's Universitat der Kunste (University of Art)—will be creating 3-D symbols and messages that waft upwards and dissolve in the air. That piece will debut next Wednesday at DMY Berlin, a four-day festival of design and geekery.

Hungry for more projects like Schulze's? The project reminds us of Julius Popp's wonderful Bit.Fall—a panel of nozzles that creates pixels out of falling water:

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