A Modern Take on Smoke Signals: “For Those Who Can See”

Smoke signals, that ancient form of status updates, have been forgotten by the modern world. But Daniel

Schulze wants to bring them back–using high-tech circuits, signal processing, and fog machines.

“For Those Who Can See” is comprised of smoke machines and speakers, laid out on a 7×7 grid. Shulze
programmed the speakers to pulse at specific intervals, and when they
do, they send the smoke through openings in a bunch of concrete slabs.

That video is obviously just a mock up. For the full installation, Schulze–an industrial-design student at
Berlin’s Universitat der Kunste (University of Art)–will be creating 3-D symbols and messages that waft upwards and dissolve in the air. That piece will debut next Wednesday at DMY Berlin, a four-day festival of design and

Hungry for more projects like Schulze’s? The project reminds us of Julius Popp’s wonderful Bit.Fall–a panel of nozzles that creates pixels out of falling water:

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