Infographic of the Day: America’s Entrepreneurial Edge Over Europe

Does America have a great edge over Europe, in entrepreneurialism?

Maybe—though the gap isn’t quite as broad as you might guess, according to this infographic produced by

Let’s zoom in the relevant details. According to the data, the U.S. is far ahead of any other country in the portion of our GDP that comes from entrepreneurship–11.3%, compared to our next closest competitor, the U.K., which clocks in at 6.3%. This can be interpreted two ways: Either we’ve had a longer history of entrepreneurship–and other countries are perhaps catching up–or we simply make it easier for entrepreneurs to create viable businesses.

But what does the U.S. have that other country’s don’t? It’s not, apparently, lower barriers to starting a business. And it’s not that we have proportionally more smart, ambitious immigrants starting new business. But we do have more entrepreneurs–and they’re among the sunniest, most optimistic people in the world. Here’s a detail of the U.S.:

And perhaps our closet competitors, The Netherlands:

And The U.K.:

From the data, you can surmise that no other Western country can beat the U.S.’s blend of a huge entrepreneurial population, armed the world-beating optimism that might carry them through to success.

Check out the full chart here.CK