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Interviewed here is noted social media entrepreneur Loic Le Meur, Founder and CEO of social application Seesmic and the number one Internet conference, LeWeb. Loic spoke this May to the Social Media Club Miami, discussing his career and launch of Seesmic Desktop.

 Please meet writer Carl Hildebrand, a South Florida Realtor focused on sustainable new builds and retrofits. Outside of real estate, Carl writes for local and national media outlets about technology, art, and design trends and brings those people together for his Miami Pecha Kucha Nights. ( Here Carl interviews Loic:

Social Media Club South Florida is one of 92 active Social Media Club Chapters in nine countries with 65 in the process of becoming.  The organization started March 2006 with the purpose of sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy around the emerging area of Social Media. (

Recently Loic and I spoke over the phone after his South Florida Media Club presentation.  He was in town speaking at the Les Conseillers de Commerce Exterieur de la France (CCEF), a large French business conference with over 400 participants, when he took time out to talk. ( Here are a few thoughts captured on the run:

Seesmic is a French software company based in San Francisco that makes the most of popular social software applications like Twitter and Facebook by allowing users to share and receive text, link, photo, and video feedbacks from up to 50 social networks all on one screen.

Loic explained that now more than ever companies (and people) have to manage their brand.  Seesmic Desktop easily does this by tracking what people are saying in a single or multi-column format, which allows users to quickly respond, stay engaged, and strengthen their community.  You could think of the application as a single or multi-stream (depending on how the user organizes) "Le Mans" of information.

"Seesmic, like all companies," says Loic, "started with a mission to help and inspire others because that sets the foundation to creating trust with their customers/fans.  Brand reach is difficult and a long-term strategy needs to be in place."  His investors like Ebay agree.How many fans, how to connect and how often are frequently asked questions. "1,000 fans are enough and they cannot be purchased! The number of friends, fans, or followers is by no means a good measure of success either. Twitter will not work with brands that are not willing to give in some way—be it creative content, inspirational contests, unique promotions, loyalty rewards, and most importantly feedback—-on their network.  A successful brand will track tweets 24 hours a day and invest where the brand’s fans are and in what they are interested in." Loic is committed to serving his constituency and moved Seesmic from France to San Francisco, coordinating working hours to fit two time zones.

Social media has brought new rules and approaches to corporate communications.  Content can no longer read like a press release, nor be developed in short, targeted campaigns that don’t naturally and authentically build community around passion content or topic over time.  Because of this, Loic challenges the need for corporate websites at all… By 2015, mobile is expected to take over desktop.  Staying ahead of the curve and covering all the communication bases requires Seesmic’s sizeable team of developers to tirelessly translate code for the Internet, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Recently, Business Week Magazine named Loic one of The 25 Most Influential People on the Web. The World Economic Forum also named Loic "Young Global Leader." He advises the World Economic Forum as well as covers the Annual Summit every year in Davos. When asked to consider his most successful achievement to date, he said, "My seventeen-year marriage and three boys."


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