Hackers Create Virtual Pottery Wheel (That Makes Real Pottery)

virtual pottery wheel

In the future, maybe pottery class won’t involve getting your hands dirty at all. Maybe you won’t even have to wear a smock.

At the “Design by Performance” exhibition at Z33 in Belgium, Unfold, a Belgian design firm founded by Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen, and designer Tim Knapen installed something they call “L’Artisan Electronique” (“The Electronic Artisan). Composed of a 3-D laser scanner and a RepRap–a cheap, open-source, DIY 3-D-printer–the installation allowed visitors to craft a virtual piece of pottery. All of the pieces created by users were projected onto the wall. And
each morning, a selection of the previous day’s creations were printed
on the RepRap.

For more pictures of the exhibition, check out Creative Applications.CK