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Jeff Koons and BMW Unveil Art Car at Paris Le Mans [UPDATED]

The 17th BMW Art Car was unveiled in France yesterday, two months after artist Jeff Koons had previewed it before the world's media. Originally a 3-D computer-aided design, it's lost a dimension, been printed onto vinyl and wrapped around an M3 GT2 Beemer, ready for next weekend's 24-Hour Race at Le Mans, where it will be driven by Andy Priaulx, and two Dirks, Muller and Werner.

Sonic booms, light explosions, and Christmas lights were, apparently, Koons' inspiration, and it looks even better than its original computer renderings. There's debris on the car's backside, as well two rings that symbolize supersonic acceleration, as well as the artist's signature—he inked it at Paris's Centre Georges Pompidou, in front of a VIP audience of 300.