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Speaking Up?

Yes, you have something on your mind. Do you speak up? Keep quiet? 'Pick and choose your fights'? Choose to not fight at all? You read perspectives in blogs, newsletters, newspapers and the web and nod in agreement and then what? What are you really doing with your opinions and, if you share them or do anything with them, for the sake of what?

We are inundated with stuff...tweets, posts, articles, calls and get pumped until we're distracted. When we read something that ticks us off, we respond, often before we've read something in its entirety or paused to ask the questions we need to ask to clarify. Then what? What will create a tipping point in how people look at the world, at life, at their profession and other people? What have you done that has impact even if it means a lot of criticism or, in other words, stirring the pot for the sake of something better?

"A man does not know what he is saying until he knows what he is not saying." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

What aren't you saying? I'd love to hear.

Donna Karlin - President, A Better Perspective - Leadership Coaching, Training and Consulting