Infographic Eye Candy: Nikes That Mark Your Marathon Progress

Designer Michael Robinson points out the we can now collect all sorts of data while we run, thanks to pedometers and heart-rate monitors. But we don’t usually make that data public.

So he designed a pair of Nike marathon spikes with 26 lights in them: For every mile you run, a light turns on, creating what’s essentially an infographic of the wearer’s progress in a marathon.

Robinson’s project is a conceptual one-off–but it’s got company. In advance of the London Design Festival in September, Nike approached a slew of designers and asked them to repurpose a pair of Nikes. Those projects will eventually get a full-on exhibition, but they’re already trickling in.

Wieden+Kennedy’s Tokyo Lab produced a shoe fish tank, which they say explores the “relationship between the earth/nature and creatures, and the correlation
between athletes and NIKE.” But it would be pretty cool sitting on some Nike exec’s desk:

Designer Nick Marsh managed to embed a couple Wiimotes in a pair of Air Maxes–thus producing a pair of gaming shoes:

But maybe the funniest entry comes from Jason Turner, who points out that he spends more time in his Nikes posing and smoking than geting actual excercise. So he turned a pair of shoes into what might be the world’s weirdest cigarette holder

For more, check out Nike’s website for the project.