iFive: iPad, Supercomputers, Facebook, BP, eBooks

We may have had three days off this weekend, but the news doesn’t sleep. Here’s what’s been going on while you’ve been barbecue-ing your steaks–and we Brits have been sheltering under umbrellas turned inside-out by the biting north wind.

1. Sales of Apple’s iPad have reached 2 million. That’s a billion bucks, folks. Steve Jobs, who’s rumored to be working on the iDeathStar, must be celebrating. Other firms playing catch-up in the tablet market include MSIAsus, and LG

2. As BP kills Top Kill, it resurrects the Dome for another run. At the same time, the Obama administration is debating whether to bring a criminal investigation to BP.

3. China is rushing up the supercomputing rankings. Having brushed aside Japan and Europe, The Dawning Nebulae, at the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzen, is less than half a petaflop behind Tennessee’s Cray Jaguar supercomputer.

4. Pakistan has, as we thought, lifted its ban on Facebook, although any pages deemed blasphemous will be a no-go area to its net users. Sunday, however, saw Bangladesh giving Zuck the bird for its publishing of cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad. 

5. Come August, Kindle will be rocking a thinner look. Publishers, however, aren’t that bothered–all they want is eBook universality. So say we all.AD