iFive: Top Kill, Men Who Stare at Terrorists, Foxconn, Google, Crystal Meth

Friday’s here, and with it, Fast’s top five picks of what’s been going on overnight, whilst you were snuffling into your pillows and dreaming of unicorns.

1. Operation Top Kill. It was on, then off, and now it’s on again. Obama is off to Louisiana today, so we’re praying for a miracle. And we’re going to need one. Failing that, a Spill Czar. The Guardian is p(l)umping for Colin Powell.

2. Forget racial profiling–thank God. Latest idea from the geeks is that video game technology and biometric sensors could be used to pick out anyone in explosive underwear–or anyone who hasn’t returned their copy of The Velveteen Rabbit to the library on time. A good start might be keeping an eye on Autotune. Watch out, Britney.

3. Foxconn’s cunning plan to stop the spate of suicides at its China plant is to raise salaries by 20%. Nintendo is to join Apple in its investigation of the factory’s working conditions.

4. It’s official: Google has finally got its hands on AdMob, days after the FCC gave the deal the thumbs-up. It’s also launched its own trading floor to buy back some of its shares, and Brent Callinicos, the man with the plan, says, “This isn’t fast money, it’s patient money.”

5. And finally, crystal meth can be good for you–if you’re a snail.AD