Holy Water

“Nothing in the corporate world should shock anyone anymore. Whatever
you think will happen won’t, and whatever you think doesn’t have a
chance will sneak up and kick you in the ass.” That’s Henry Tuhoe’s
philosophy, and he’s our knowing protagonist through this dark
screwball business comedy by James P. Othmer. The action starts when a
conglomerate transfers Tuhoe from marketing deodorant to setting up a
call center for a bottled-water brand in a Himalayan country that has
little potable H2O. As Tuhoe evolves from goofball to
grown-up, Othmer, a former ad creative, keeps the action humming with
satirical riffs on corporate trainers, figurehead founders, and how
business really gets done in a developing nation. The book’s gooey
center inside its hard-candy shell is about finding meaning in work and
life, and after all the high jinks in this beach read for BlackBerry
addicts, Othmer has earned it. — DL


Tue, June 15

Holy Water

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