Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics: Nokia Keeps Its Top Spot, Toshiba’s Rank Drops

Greenpeace Dell sign

Greenpeace has released its quarterly edition of the Guide to Greener Electronics, with some dramatic shifts in their ratings of electronics manufacturers. The guide keeps Nokia in the top spot, and Nintendo remains in last place. But plenty of companies get shuffled around in the middle.

Nokia has already phased out all brominated compounds, chlorinated
flame retardants, and antimony trioxide in new products. Sony Ericcson
slides into second place thanks to a policy that keeps all new products
free of PVC and BFRs (with the exception of a few

Toshiba’s drop from from third to 14th place can be attributed to the company’s failure to deliver all new consumer electronics products free of toxic PVC vinyl plastic and brominated
flame retardants (BFRs) by April 1st, as promised. Even worse, the company hasn’t provided a new timeline, indicating that it may have just given up on the effort altogether. LG backtracked on a similar commitment to remove PVC and BFRs by the end of 2010. Instead, the company now plans to remove those substances from cell phones only by the end of the year. Greenpeace also caught LG lying about the energy efficiency of products in the U.S and Australia.

Dell hasn’t backtracked on any of its commitments, but Greenpeace is still demanding that the company detail a phase-out plan for PVC and BFRs by the company’s self-imposed 2011 deadline. Earlier today, Greenpeace activists scaled Dell’s global headquarters and hung a banner saying, “Michael, What the Dell? Design Out Toxics. Greenpeace’s guerrilla tactics have worked before, so we won’t be surprised if Dell issues some sort of response. We’ll reserve judgment, though, until the next version of the Guide to Greener Electronics.

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