BP Tries to Plug Gulf Oil Leak With Top Kill Method, Watch Live Here


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of BP’s failed
efforts at stopping the Oil Spill that Ate the Gulf. The latest
long-shot solution involves pumping drilling mud down a pipe and into
the Deepwater Horizon’s well in an attempt to hold back oil–a process
known as “Top Kill”. This marks the first time that Top Kill has been
used 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface.

There are risks, of
course. The procedure could end up eroding the broken riser pipe
connected to the wellhead–and if that happens, oil flow will increase.
For what it’s worth, BP CEO Tony Hayward thinks that Top Kill has a 60%
to 70% chance of success. Watch it live right here.

And in case you missed the earlier action — in which you could make out the oil plume and the words “Top Kill” written on a hose on the machine being used to try and pump concrete into the well — here’s a highlight reel.

And here’s a video explainer about how the whole thing is supposed to work.

And an infographic.




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