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Proposed Indian Toilet Park Has a Whiff of Community

In Delwara, an odd mix of public and private business

Proposed Indian Toilet Park Has a Whiff of Community

India toilets

The New Delhi firm Vir.Mueller Architects has some curious plans for a poor Indian town in desperate need of a public loo and a community center: They're doing both. As in, "Grab your picnic baskets, we're headed to the crapper!"

We shouldn't mock. Responding to a complete lack of sanitary restrooms in Delwara—a village just outside the palace city Udaipur—Vir.Mueller proposed a "design strategy focused on creating a community space around the toilet facility." So the latrines are hard by both a toiletries store and an orchard. The latter is fertilized by (you guessed it) human waste and serves "as a gathering place for village meetings."

india toilet

 The toilets are dry-composting, so they're gentle on the environment, and they meet a pressing public-health imperative, especially for women. (Apparently women have to rise at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. to wash and use the potty if they want any privacy.)

india toilets