How to Wash Your Seven Jeans

Globally recognized, Seven true religion jeans is a brand
name known for the impeccable quality of its fabric and long lasting
luster. Each pair is crafted in a unique way that distinguishes it not
just from other company manufactured jeans but even from its own sister

Seven jeans is the foremost choice of countless people across the
globe. The young as well as old love to wear this jeans that not just
complements their overall appearance but provide the wonderful fitting
and complete comfort. The unique quality, design and cost effectiveness
of the Seven Jeans makes it dear to all.

Even if your Seven jeans has become extremely dirty or there is some
strong stain on it, never bleach it. Bleaching your cheap
will alter its look completely. It is the worst thing you
will do with your pair of Seven jeans and the money invested in it.

To retain the original fitting and shape of the jeans, make sure that
the temperature of water is not too high. Be it machine-wash or hand
wash, the temperature should be less than 50 degree Celsius i.e. 110

The best way to enjoy the same fit and appearance of your Seven
jeans, is to give it a handwash. Hand wash is the ideal option when your
jeans is not too dirty. However if of machine wash, wash the jeans
separately from other colored garments.