“OMG” My Nightmare With AT&T or Don’t They Want My Money?

Trying to pay a phone bill online today reminded me of why I prefer Comcast, and will never move any of my other phone lines to AT&T, and why I’ll stay with T-Mobile another two years.

Trying to pay a phone bill online today reminded me of why I prefer Comcast, and will never move any of my other phone lines to AT&T.


A lot of people know that I have a bad case of iPhone envy, and would even consider moving to Europe to get an iPhone with T-Mobile.

Here’s my story of AT&T and how they made it really hard to give them my money.

I was sitting in my office in Berkeley, CA at 5:00, getting ready to leave for a meeting at 6:00 in San Francisco. I thought I would just quickly pay my AT&T bill online before I left.


I tried to login at least seven times, and every time I got a message that I had an incorrect user name or password, even though I had just received my password by email from AT&T.

I had no idea what I was doing wrong, so I called customer service. It took almost 30 minutes of waiting on the phone and listening to background music before someone came on the line. I had almost forgotten whom I had called.

When I explained the situation to the customer service guy, he kept cutting me off and telling me I wasn’t listening. At one point when I was talking, he said loudly, “oh, my god.” I couldn’t believe I was hearing that from a customer service person. When I expressed how I felt about his comment, he was even ruder.


He was no help.

 I finally reached someone else, who was apologetic when I told her what happened. She switched me over to pay by phone. After trying to provide all the right information to the automated pay by phone voice, I got cut off.

I called back again, was on hold for another 30 minutes.  I finally reached someone who was able to help me by walking me through all the steps. He even told me that he thought the site and payment instructions were really difficult to understand. I suppose that AT&T never tested their site for ease of use ability.


This last guy was so helpful, that I said to him, “you need to go work for Comcast,” where you’ll be able to make more of your own decisions and help more customers.”

The whole process took an hour to pay a $70.00 bill. During that time I had to deal with a “customer bad service rep,” over 30 minutes of wait time, and working with a website, that was more like a Soduku puzzle.

I suppose I’ll have to live with iPhone envy a little longer. Maybe I should move to Europe so I can get one and keep my T-Mobile account.


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