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Infographic of the Day

Infographic: "Home and Away" Tracks Iraq/Afghanistan Casualties

Two maps, side by side, show where fallen soldiers were from, and where they died.

Infographic: "Home and Away" Tracks Iraq/Afghanistan Casualties

Working for CNN, Stamen has created a heart-breaking infographic memorializing coalition troops who've fallen during the Iraq/Afghanistan war.

Up top, side-by-side time lapse videos reveal where those troops died—and, just as important, where they're from:

Iraq casualties infographic

But perhaps more moving—and unique among the various Iraq and Afghanistan infographics we've seen—is that the site isn't meant to be taken in passively: It's an interactive monument. You can click for details on every soldier that died—and those who knew them can leave notes and messages, so that the entire site can function as a communal memorial:

Iraq casualties infographic

Check out the infographic here—and send it around to anyone you know, impacted by the wars.