Infographic of the Day: The 140 Most Influential People on Twitter

Their annual Web Trends map made Information Architects Internet famous, but this year, they’ve ditched the formula in favor of illustrating one single trend: Twitter.

Most Influential Twitter infographic

“Cosmic 140” is a map the 140 most influential people on Twitter–as measured by followers–and lists their handle, subject matter, follower count, and tweet frequency. There’s even the date of their first tweet and what they first said:

Information Architects

And here’s some tiny sections of the poster:

Influential Twitter infographic

Cosmic infographic

Just like the Web Trends Map, the poster is for sale, for just $99 (a good deal, given that the poster is A0–that is, 33″x47″). You can preorder now, and also download a PDF to see all the details.CK