BlueBeat Brings Out Free, Streaming iPhone App, Record Company Lawyers Rejoice


BlueBeat, the Murph and the Magic Tones of the digital age, has brought out an iPhone app, says Music Ally. It’s free, it streams your music, and it’s probably got the record labels’ lawyers sharpening their pencils in anticipation. Why? Something to do with the artists available: Beatles, AC/DC, and Bob Dylan, none of whom currently allow their music to be streamed.

It seems that the site’s owner, Hank Risan, is undaunted by last year’s court ruling that put the kibosh on his activities–providing “psycho-acoustic simulations” of tracks via an “independent simulated production” method and available on BlueBeat’s unique “time-shifted audio visual display” format.

How long before this attracts the attention of m’learned friends? I’d say about as long as it takes to play (in glorious psycho-acousti-vision™, of course) an early Beatles’ track, rather than anything from, say, their psychedelic period.