The 10 Most Creative People on Twitter

When we launched our 100 Most Creative People in Business list last year, we were surprised that only 20 of those individuals were on Twitter. In the year since, another 10 have joined. But out of those tweeting who do you need to follow?


When we launched our 100 Most Creative People in Business list last year, we were surprised that only about 20 of those individuals were on Twitter: from actor/director Tyler Perry to DJ Gregg Gillis. In the year since, another 10 have joined for a 50% increase, including TV mogul Tyra Banks, Google Maps manager Stephen Chau, fashion designer Stella McCartney, and others. You can find the entire group of Most Creative People on our twitter list. But out of those tweeting who are the 10 you need to follow?

1. Dawn Danby, @altissima: The sustainable design strategist tweets about her work, but mostly offers haiku-like messages:
he cuts corporate logos into american quarters with a jeweler’s saw. painstaking souvenirs in black velvet display. very almost. a near miss

2. Padmasree Warrior, @Padmasree: Cisco’s CTO obviously tweets about the company, but also the larger tech world:
CII Calls for an investment of US $1 Trillion by 2020 in urban India


3. Evan Williams, @ev: The CEO of twitter writes about twitter, and provides a glimpse into a tech entrepreneur’s life:
Checking out Twitter’s new floor for our office for the first time. Looks fantastic.

4. Neil Gaiman, @neilhimself: The award-winning writer discusses his work, the larger book world, and his personal life:
Argh. Shambling dull-eyed deadlines are approaching through the mist. If you see me around on Twitter before Wednesday, shoo me away.

5. June Arunga, @JuneArunga: This social entrepreneur tweets about social issues and the news:


6. Henrik Werdelin, @werdelin: the tech consultant post interesting links about what is doing on the Web:
Gotta love the web; 7732 users installed a Chrome plugin called ‘nothing’ that does.. ehh.. nothing

7. Dave Stewart, @DaveStewart: The musician discusses his music and his travels:
On way to Bulgaria, Aggelos gave me this Byzantine Madonna and Child by a greek monk from Mount Athos

8. Gary Hustwit, @gary_hustwit: The director of Helvetica and Objectified follows the design industry:
Reading Mike McGonigal’s oral history of the brilliant (yet dysfunctional) Galaxie 500 on Pitchfork:


9. Joseph Coughlin, @josephcoughlin: The researcher and scientist the runs MIT’s AgeLab posts info and links about age demographics and aging:
Does caregiving come at a cost? Putting off retirement and college savings to care for an older loved one

10. Scott Schuman, @Sartorialist: The blogger runs fashion photography from his blog page:
Degand, Brussels: Easily one of the best men’s shops I have been to in a long time. The hats, the canes, the shoes…

The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010 launches later this month. We are counting down to the new list with a look back at the innovators that made the list last year.


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