How to Influence People Radically



How can you influence people at a core level and what does it mean to do so?
In essence, it is spiritual entrepreneurship, a new and enlightened way of
communicating with others. We start different personas relative to different
situations that come up in life, basically engaging just two primary versions of
our personality. When you master each of these aspects of yourself, you will
influence others to live from their highest personality and core level of  cheap
consciousness, and act from their own state of inner mastery.
Let us explore this in greater detail.

The first and most usually started version of yourself is your daily work
identity. This is you as you believe you ought to be as you interact with the
world. This is you as you roll play as spouse, father/mother, son/daughter, you
at sport, socially, in business, at the supermarket and as the next door
neighbour. You have been conditioned to present yourself to the world around you
in a certain expected manner. This is the normal level of pre-conditioned
consciousness common to most people.

This surfaced level the family fashioned identity into which you were born;
by your parents and their beliefs and habits; by the society into which you were
born; by your religion, education, social class and so forth. Many of these
circumstances have been out of your control

However, your childhood, societal and religious conditioning can be
re-conditioned! All it takes is a decision on your part, followed by enlightened
and decisive action to change what you believe and how you choose to act from
now on.

You alone can become whoever you choose to be. It is your choice and your
challenge; and above all, it is you’re unique and most precious gift to yourself
and to the world. Life is about experience. You can choose to experience
expansion and growth or contraction and death.

You have another identity which springs from a, much deeper level of
conscious awareness than you’re usual daily self identity of which we have
spoken above. This deeper level identity is your core identity. It emanates from
your subconscious mind, from your place of deep inner truth. Your core identity
expresses you as you really are: unconditional and standing in the light of
truth. It is from this core level that your dreams and aspirations take


Your core level identity transcends heredity, religion, race and society.
This is you as you dream of being. This core level consciousness expresses your
deepest desires; it expands your capacity of love and embrace love. It expresses
outwardly your inner world, your higher self acting in the most joyful and
loving way. This is a very high level of conscious awareness.true
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When you communicate from your core level of being you are centred, stable
and focused. You become congruent with what you believe and your life reflects
your beliefs. You begin magically to attract others with similar broader
understanding of life and how it works. Your inner knowing and awareness of
yourself as a multi-dimensional being immediately and inescapably ignites in
others a desire to expand and become more than they have allowed themselves to

This is how you can influence others from your core identity, like moths to a
flame or light. When you act from this selfless place of confident love and
constant joy, your level of influence will simply and constantly expand and