Augmented Realty

Potentially disruptive news for Realtors: Augmented reality browser Junaio has partnered with real estate search engines ROFO and HotPads—commercial and residential, respectively—to make finding the perfect space easy, sans wily brokers and landlords.

Just hold your phone up to a city block or neighborhood, and the app shows what spaces are available for sale or rent, as well as square footage, pictures, contact information, and price listings. Having knowledge of neighborhood pricing and vacancies before meeting with brokers? That’s like a secret weapon filled with bargaining power.

“Our goal with our Web site was to make a housing search easier. We’ve expanded that capability from a computer screen to a smartphone screen,” says Douglas Pope, HotPads co-founder. “Our users can conduct their search while they’re walking around the neighborhood or even riding in a car.”

The Junaio app—which is free, and available for the iPhone and soon, Android—has access to the real estate listings databases of both ROFO and HotPads, guaranteeing a pretty comprehensive look at available spaces, potentially saving apartment and office hunters from some serious headaches.