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BP Releases Four Disturbing New Videos of Gulf Oil Leak

Remember that 30 second video we posted last week of the main oil leak at the Deepwater Horizon site? That was just a teaser compared to these four videos that BP released after a request from Senators Bill Nelson of Florida and Barbara Boxer of California. And they're just a harbinger of what's to come—BP agreed this week to release all video footage of the spill. The bad news: the spill looks really, really bad. The good news: scientists might be able to use the video to check whether BP's estimated oil release of 210,000 gallons per day is accurate. Below, check out the videos of the main riser pipe leak. Note that the first is from May 8 (before any intervention), the second is from May 10, the third is from May 15, and the fourth, recorded on May 18,  shows the riser pipe with the insertion tube intended to siphon away oil.

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