Infographic of the Day: Compound Interest Made Beautiful

A financial firm uses hundreds of lights to illustrate the appeal of stocks.

BT stock infographic

Stocks outperform other investments over the long term and blah blah blah…zzzzzzzzzz. The inherent boredom of hearing another commercial about stocks presented a marketing dilemma to Australian financial-advisory firm BT. So instead of getting Sam Waterston to play a gray-haired Man You Can Trust, they tried to create a series of indelible infographics worthy of Times Square:


These graphs weren’t a bunch of CGI wizardry–their appeal is that they exist in the physical world.

Here’s an interesting–albeit self-congratulatory–video, showing how the installations were made by The Glue Society, an art-and-advertising collective based in Australia. As the director, Jonathan Kneebone, says, “Most people when they think of a graph don’t think of something very beautiful. We wanted to find a way to visually brand a way of conveying information.”

For more of the spots, check out Infosthetics.

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