Infographic of the Day: Compound Interest Made Beautiful

BT stock infographic

Stocks outperform other investments over the long term and blah blah blah…zzzzzzzzzz. The inherent boredom of hearing another commercial about stocks presented a marketing dilemma to Australian financial-advisory firm BT. So instead of getting Sam Waterston to play a gray-haired Man You Can Trust, they tried to create a series of indelible infographics worthy of Times Square:

These graphs weren’t a bunch of CGI wizardry–their appeal is that they exist in the physical world.

Here’s an interesting–albeit self-congratulatory–video, showing how the installations were made by The Glue Society, an art-and-advertising collective based in Australia. As the director, Jonathan Kneebone, says, “Most people when they think of a graph don’t think of something very beautiful. We wanted to find a way to visually brand a way of conveying information.”

For more of the spots, check out Infosthetics.