Greenpeace Social Media Campaign Forces Nestlé To Stop Using Unsustainable Palm Oil

Greenpeace Nestle

Greenpeace has once again succeeded in heckling a major company into making a major change. This time around, the environmental organization’s two-month Give Rainforests a Break campaign has prompted Nestlé to remove companies from its supply chain that own or manage plantations and farms linked to deforestation–including Sinar Mas, a major palm oil producer. Nestlé’s new partnership with the Forest Trust will help the company implement its plan.

Greenpeace accredits its success to a widespread social media campaign that included a YouTube video with over 1.5 million views (below), Facebook comments on Nestlé’s fan page, tweets sent through a fake Wi-Fi network that sent shareholders straight to the campaign, and a comprehensive Web site.

The news comes soon after Nestlé’s recent announcement that all KitKats in the U.K. will contain fair trade chocolate. So now that Nestlé has palm oil secured, maybe it can work on bringing sustainable chocolate to the U.S.