How Maia Josebachvili Turned Her Skydiving Hobby Into a Business

One broke college student e-mailed all her contacts and turned her wanderlust into Urban Escapes, a company that has just been acquired by LivingSocial.



About Urban Escapes: Urban Escapes offers excursions for urban dwellers–from white water rafting to apple picking, these trips range in length and intensity level. The company quickly expanded to four cities across the United States andwas just acquired by the social shopping network LivingSocial.

About Maia Josebachvili: Maia is anything but a homebody. A thrill seeker, she organized skydiving trips at Dartmouth and kept planning weekend adventures for her friends while working as a trader on Wall St. She ultimately realized- this is my company! She built Urban Escapes to expose New Yorkers to beauty and excitement mere miles from Manhattan and brags that she’s “paid to play outside.”

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For More information on Urban Escapes and it’s acquisition with Living Social, click here.